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the podcasts I’m listening to these days

I listen to a fair number of podcasts these days, but I still follow way more feeds than I actively listen to. I recently went through and cleaned up the feeds I don’t listen to anymore, and I thought I’d share the ones that made the cut.

A silly-looking golden doodle in a bandana, holding a tennis ball
These days, most of my podcast listening time is spent walking this doofus. I’m fortunate enough to live in a pretty walkable neighborhood, and I work from home so there’s not much of a commute. But the dog walks still need to happen!

I have a few podcasts that I’ll generally listen to whenever there’s a new episode:

  • Oxide and Friends: A weekly Twitter space (for now?) hosted by Bryan Cantrill and Adam Leventhal of Oxide Computer Computer company. This is a good podcast for listening to some computer hardware nerds, and generally Very Online people, chat about random tech-adjacent topics. I rather miss their other podcast, On The Metal, which was focused on interviews with folks who interact with both hardware and software. But also I recognize that was probably a lot of work for folks who are doing a startup!
  • Arms Control Wonk: A podcast about the current state of weapons of mass destruction, and how we’d hope to have less of them? Always interesting, often hilarious, sometimes terrifying.
  • Moderated Content: Evelyn Douek from Stanford on the law of online speech and platforms. This is a newer podcast but already one of my favorites, having followed Evelyn from her work with Lawfare’s “Arbiters of Truth”. The weekly news roundups with Alex Stamos are excellent.
  • Rational Security: A weekly roundup of national security news from Lawfare. While a lot of the Lawfare podcast is very formal and structured, “RatSec” is more free-wheeling and often both insightful and hilarious. I try to keep their bias in mind — Lawfare is generally, though not exclusively, a very centrist publication with a strong bias for the US security state. But it’s still often a good listen.

And then I have a set of podcasts that I dip in and out of, depending on whether the description looks interesting:

  • The rest of the Lawfare podcast: Lots of interesting episodes, but also not all of it is for me. And they publish very frequently! So I pick and choose.
  • City Cast Denver: Good local news, but it’s a daily podcast and I have other things to listen to as well.
  • Screaming in the Cloud: Corey Quinn’s podcast is both excellent and very prolific.
  • Developer Stories: A fun interview series with folks connected to research software engineering.

It might seem like enough, but there are always more dog walks! What are you listening to?