in meta

Trying to write more, with less pressure

I’ve been pretty bad at blogging for the past *mumble mumble years*, but it’s not for lack of writing.

The thing is, I like writing. I have a rather large drafts folder filled with work-in-progress posts, not to mention all the various brainstorming docs I have for work, D&D, and other writing tasks. Those WIPs are frequently five or ten pages long, with lots of little notes on extra bits I should add to avoid missing things.

Like plenty of other folks, my problem isn’t writing, it’s finishing things.

However, this blog is titled “thinking out loud”! I don’t need to write the definitive article on a given topic, or at least I don’t need to do it here. Instead, I want this to be a place where I can get thoughts out in front of people (and myself!) so I can make them better.

To that end, I’m setting a goal for 2022 to write here:

  • At least once every two weeks
  • With only light editing
  • At most two pages of text in a post
  • And being willing to delete anything I decide I hate! 😅

To make my life easier, I’m cheating a little: I’ve written four short posts in the past week, and set them to auto-publish every two weeks!

That should get me through February. In the mean time, I’ll keep writing — with any new posts either being added to the queue, or potentially posted live if I have a particularly hot take. With luck, this process will help me stick to my goal despite any temporary crises or fits of ennui, and keep my momentum up.

Happy New Year!